Conversational Reverse

By Pepper BullockEssential Symmetry, Mind

Bumper cars are fun at the State Fair but a little scary. You can only go forward. You can turn, but you can’t back up. If you get stuck in a pile-up with other cars or in the corner, the attendant has to turn the electricity off and run across the floor and physically turn … Read More

Green Dot Moment

By Pepper BullockMind, Spirit

In the world of entertainment, the Green Room is the waiting room for performers before they go ‘on stage’ or ‘in front of the camera.’ It can also be the lounge or waiting room for presenters before they go into the boardroom. It is a place to prepare before one goes ‘ON.’ At the Academy@CREATiON, … Read More

In The Moment

By Pepper BullockEssential Symmetry, Mind, Physical, Spirit

We have all experienced someone looking right at us, but their focus is wandering off in the middle of the conversation. Or we have been the one who shows up with only a part of us in a moment that requires ‘all of us’ to be really there. Inner leadership begins with me before we. … Read More