Unlock Your HEROiC Self​

Great Leaders Never Stop Learning and Growing.

Academy@CREATiON provides a platform for leaders to develop their strategic effectiveness and grow their intrapersonal effectiveness through a principle-driven curriculum. Through a variety of innovative virtual, in-person and on-demand programs taught by internationally acclaimed subject-matter experts, we help women and men unlock their HEROiC selves.

The small i? It represents the leader who uses his or her position to elevate those around her or him.

Ready to unlock your HEROiC Self?

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Academy Curriculum

Essential Symmetry: Intrapersonal Growth

Our Essential Symmetry courses focus on the quest for HEROiC Alignment — that space where our physical and intellectual selves come together. The track explores values, vision, goals, beliefs, motivations and purpose, and uncovers how all come together to reveal our best selves.

Strategic Effectiveness: Interpersonal Growth

Through a variety of topic-focused programs, the Academy’s Strategic Effectiveness track helps leaders produce consistent results, achieve their most ambitious strategic goals, and successfully navigate through today’s complex global landscape.

Upcoming Events

Visions Three

December 13, 2020
10am- 11:15pm Eastern

3D Axis: Balanced Executive Presence

January 8, 2021
10am- 12pm Eastern

Successfully Navigating Global Complexities

January 12, 2021
11am- 12:30pm Eastern

iCON Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. We like to capture BiG ideas in simple graphics.

Learning Center

In The Moment

We have all experienced someone looking right at us, but their focus is wandering off in the middle of the conversation. Or we have been

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Green Dot Moment

In the world of entertainment, the Green Room is the waiting room for performers before they go ‘on stage’ or ‘in front of the camera.’

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