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3D Axis - Discovering Your Essences

Pepper Bullock helps you construct your 3D Axis, which will be a fixed point in times of turbulence or distinguishing between good or best.  A course in the School of Essential Symmetry, your 3D Axis gives you the framework to identify and develop your vision, beliefs, motivations, values, and purpose, expanding your capacity for genuinely inclusive and HEROiC leadership.

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October 2, 2020 10am-11:30am EST

The Critical Strategy in Excellence

Horst Schulze, the co-founder of the Ritz Carlton, shares how to lead with a HEROiC vision towards a shared objective, and the art and science of developing a vision of excellence to engage all levels of an organization.  Coming from his award-winning book EXCELLENCE Wins, Horst expands on this notion with Roger Gardner, an executive leader with 40 years of experience in college athletics marketing, who nurtured seeds in the C-Suite to grow a thriving culture.  This unique virtual learning platform is unlike any Zoom call you've had.

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(October x, 2020, limited to 24 participants)

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HEROiC Forums

A fully developed, HEROiC leader uplifts those around them and elevates our existence.

HEROiC Forums convene inspirational thought-leaders with those seeking to develop their HEROiC-self. These trailblazing leaders have a healthy inner balance of their physical-self, mental-self, and spiritual-self. Learn how to unlock your authentic source of influence by being securely grounded.

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Customized Programs

Academy@CREATiON can assist organizations in designing a program and securing speakers that spark creativity and equip your team with the skills for success.