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The Inspiration of Excellence

Horst Schulze, co-founder of the Ritz Carlton, shares the simple steps he uses with teams to move from managing by orders and directions to a leading with a HEROiC vision that motivates behavior towards a shared objective. Join this HEROiC Exchange, a unique virtual learning platform unlike any Zoom call you've had.
A 75-minute virtual conversation with Horst Schulze, a founding member of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. In this discussion, Horst shares the art and science of developing a vision of Excellence that in engaging at all levels of an organization. The constructs of developing a vision of engagement comes from the award-winning book EXCELLENCE Wins. Joining Horst is this conversation is Roger Gardner, an executive leader with 40 years of experience in college athletics marketing, who nurtured seeds in the C-Suite to grow a thriving culture. 30 minutes of Q&A follows the interview. To provide greater interaction, each conversation is limited to 24.

October X, 2020

A 45-minute interview with two experienced culture creators and a 30 minute Q&A with participants.


  • Horst Schulze, a legend and leader in the world of hospitality, was one of the founding members of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and author of EXCELLENCE Wins.
  • Roger Gardner, an executive leader with 40 years of experience in college athletics marketing has nurtured seeds in the C-Suite to grow a thriving culture.

Based on nearly a century of experience, Horst and Roger will be clear and direct of how to focus on crafting a engage and inspire your current employees and to attract, interview, and select the best employee candidates.


  • Corporate executives, including C-level, vice-president or director level
  • High-potential candidates identified and sponsored by senior leadership
  • Senior public officials at the national, state and local level, Nonprofit and NGO leaders

Limited to 24 for active participation between participants and faculty


September 1, 2020

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