In the world of entertainment, the Green Room is the waiting room for performers before they go ‘on stage’ or ‘in front of the camera.’ It can also be the lounge or waiting room for presenters before they go into the boardroom. It is a place to prepare before one goes ‘ON.’

At the Academy@CREATiON, the Green Dot serves as an icon for getting ready. I begin my coaching engagements without judgments or personal agendas but curiosity to discover my client’s desired outcome. My enthusiasm in meeting someone new, or my natural curiosity to hear their story, can hijack my best intentions.

I think of the green dot to remind me to catch my breath or slow down the conversation and begin by listening. A good opening question can be, “when I leave, if this meeting accomplished all that ‘you wanted,’ what would have happened?

I try to listen more than talk and allow the conversation to unfold. Often clients don’t know what they want, but I notice that I am seldom disappointed if I give them a safe space to think out loud. The green dot reminds me that coaching is about the client. It’s their moment. Their conversation is a good place to start to understand what it takes to finish.

How do you prepare? Are you clear about your finish line? Does clarity on the finish line shift how you begin?

Success in the first interview is that my client is heard. Our conversations eventually become a dance, but as a coach, my green dot reminds me that it is the client who leads, and I am their thought partner in this conversational dance.

Clarity on how to end opens moments for engagement. Steven Covey reminds us to “begin with the end in mind,” …….

ACTION STEP: For a week, have a proactive pause before you begin. Seek to identify a successful finish line.