HEROiC Leadership


The Academy@CREATiON must navigate coronavirus's financial and operational challenges while rapidly addressing the needs of our students, corporate clients, and faculty. Our learning circle thrives in an environment where we can feel safe.

During the current Covid19 environment, we offer the following program changes:

  • Until Fall 2021, course work will shift from on-campus group participation to virtual independent study where the student has one-on-one interaction with the instructor. Tuition for the individual course work will remain at the group rate.
  • Enrollment for Fall 2021 courses is open online with a limit of 15 students per class for social distance.
  • HEROiC Exchanges virtual programs will continue.
  • HEROiC Forums are suspended until we feel large group gatherings are safe.

The decision to move to virtual instruction was not made lightly; our goal is our students' and faculty's safety and well-being. We are hopeful that we will help minimize the effects of this pandemic and shorten the time until we return to in-class learning by taking these proactive steps.

Principle-Driven Leadership to Fast-Track Your HEROiC Impact

HEROiC leaders recognize that self-awareness is the first step in a journey of transformation. This step can lead to a courageous quest for personal growth, where your growth can elevate those around you.  Academy@CREATiON offers engaging programs to cultivate and significantly develop your HEROiC insight, strategic effectiveness, and well-being innovation.

A HEROiC Exchange

Converse with trailblazing leaders on the transformative power of a HEROiC-self.