We have all experienced someone looking right at us, but their focus is wandering off in the middle of the conversation. Or we have been the one who shows up with only a part of us in a moment that requires ‘all of us’ to be really there.

Inner leadership begins with me before we. The outstanding leader develops the ability to lead themselves before leading others. The Academy at CREATiON calls this INNER leadership Essential Symmetry, which balances our physical-self, mental-self, and spiritual-self. This balance is not natural, but rather something that has to be developed.

I never formally had business training on managing my focus to take full advantage of the moment at hand. There seems to be an assumption that the ‘gift’ of being present is something you have or don’t have. I had to develop techniques to help me achieve the ability to stay in the moment.

The first step within Inner Leadership is to become more intentional about noticing yourself. Self-awareness is a simple yet powerful shift. You have to look at yourself to notice if you are fully present or not.

Are you asleep at the wheel, or are you driving your engagement in real-time by seeing yourself and adjusting when necessary? If you are disengaged, how do you reengage? Have you developed re-engagement techniques? Is there a technique or act that helps you re-engage? If so, you have the first tool in your Essential Symmetry toolkit.
Become aware of how you are in the ‘room’ or conversation. Start noticing when you are fully engaged or when you are on autopilot.

ACTION STEP: Begin an Essential Symmetry journal and capture what works for you.