3-D Axis – Private Instruction


Balanced Executive Presence

A Center for Your Better Self

30 Days to construct your personalized 3D Axis. Your Axis is a simple yet powerful fixed point of reference during turmoil or confusion. You will identify and develop your beliefs, values, and motivations, providing you with a HEROiC center of self.

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A self-paced independent study in which participants develop their personalized 3D Axis. Your Axis leads to identifying, clarifying, and framing your beliefs, values, and motivations. Your Axis gives voice to your foundational center-of-self, which in turn, gives you a head start in regaining your equilibrium of presence when conditions are unsteady.

A self-paced program with a suggested pace of 30 days of independent study dialog with course guide. After the introductory call with your course guide, you will have 60-minutes of self-paced prework before your first virtual session.  All sessions are private and confidential to provide the participant with a safe place to sift and prioritize beliefs and values.


john_pepper_bullockJohn “Pepper” Bullock

Dean of Academy | Instructor

Creative Director at CREATiON Management Companies & Practice Partner at Safe Harbor Consulting. Bullock is a transformational executive coach and a corporate educator in leadership development, innovation, and change management. A thought leader in DesignExecution, Bullock created Breakthrough Outcomes, a simple seven-step process to enhance ideation. He co-authored MeetingPRIMES, a web-based resource used by corporate facilitators to reduce bad meeting experiences.

Event Details

Continuous and varied.  Typically, students take 30 days to complete the coursework


The 30-day program begins with an introductory call, then 60-minutes of self-paced prework leading to the initial Zoom session, follow up email assignments which allows you to pre-fill your 3D Axis before the final Zoom session.

All sessions are private and confidential to provide the participant with a safe place to sift and prioritize beliefs and values.


  1. Create your 3D Axis with your values, vision, and motivation
  2. Maintain a balanced leadership using techniques developed by seasoned executives
  3. Learn from other leaders their inspiration during times of uncertainty.


  • Corporate executives, including C-level, vice-president or director level
  • High-potential candidates identified and sponsored by senior leadership
  • Senior public officials at the national, state and local level, Nonprofit and NGO leaders

One-on-one individual instruction

Start time: 10:00 a.m. EDT

End time: 12:00 a.m. EDT

Email: pbullock@thecreationcompanies.com