3-D Axis — True North

Essential Symmetry champions the development of your Inner, Mindful, and Physical self. In this program, you will create and use your 3D Axis to expand your capacity for genuinely inclusive and heroic leadership.

Fall 2020, registration open 1 August 2020, limited to 18 participants in person, 20 virtual




Improve your self-control and increase your Inner-Self acuity by developing your personal 3-Dimensional Axis. When knocked off balance, a 3-D Axis accelerates recovery.  In 40 BCE, Vitruvius, sometimes referred to as the first architect, championed the idea that all buildings should have three attributes: strength, utility, and beauty. Leonardo da Vinci made the concept famous in his drawing of the Vitruvian Man.  It is da Vinci’s drawing and Vitruvius’ writings that inspire Essential Symmetry’s 3-D Axis and the development of Inner, Mindful, and Physical self to enhance your influence by remaining balanced and grounded.

“Vision for the leader and an organization is clearer when it begins from within.” – John “Pepper” Bullock, Headmaster at The Academy@CREATiON and developer of the practice of Essential Symmetry.

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John “Pepper” Bullock
Director, Head of Academy

Creative Director at CREATiON Management Companies & Practice Partner at Safe Harbor Consulting. Bullock is a transformational executive coach and a corporate educator in leadership development, innovation, and change management. A thought leader in DesignExecution, Bullock created Breakthrough Outcomes, a simple seven-step process to enhance ideation. He co-authored MeetingPRIMES, a web-based resource used by corporate facilitators to reduce bad meeting experiences.

Event Details

Date: Fall 2020

Start time: 09:00 EDT

End time: 16:00 EDT

Venue: Jordan's Ridge

Coordinates: 33°31'37.7"N 84°43'43.7"W

Directions: 8400 Atlanta Newnan Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268 Waze | Apple Maps | Google Maps | Print directions

Email: pbullock@thecreationcompanies.com