"You can't have cold water in the front of the bathtub and hot water in the back." -- Warren Buffet
The same is true in our lives - we lead, we love, we work, we live in a holistic way.  All of the pieces matter.
We call this Essential Symmetry--Courses to develop your HEROiC-self by aligning your physical-self, intellectual-self, and inner-self.

Intellectual Self

Develop a HEROiC lens to guide you.

Courses to be released Q4 2020

Inner Self

Your values, vision, goals, beliefs, motivations, and purpose are the essences of your Inner Self, which in turn becomes your Center-of-Gravity for your physical and intellectual self.
3D Axis -- Balanced Executive Presence

Develop your true north using our three-dimensional axes where you capture your values, vision, motivations, and purpose.  Having a 3D Axis expands your capacity for genuinely inclusive and HEROiC leadership.
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Physical Self

Self-care for the leader-on-the-go.

Courses to be released Q4 2020

Two formats to fit your schedule

Virtual HEROiC Exchanges


Engage online with subject matter experts and peers in a real-time learning experience.



In-person at Jordan's Ridge campus, with facilities that exceed CDC guidelines for spacing and cleanliness, within 25 minutes of Atlanta's International Airport.