"You can't have cold water in the front of the bathtub and hot water in the back." -- Warren Buffet
The same is true in our lives - we lead, we love, we work, we live in a holistic way.  All of the pieces matter.
We call this Essential Symmetry--Courses to develop your HEROiC-self by aligning your physical-self, intellectual-self, and inner-self.

You thrive where you feel safe

Until Fall of 2021 all our programs will be virtual, and most will be independent study where the student has one-on-one interaction with the instructor, but pricing remains the same.  More value and deeper understanding.  Win-win.

Intellectual Self

Develop a HEROiC lens to guide you.

Courses to be released Q2 2021

Inner Self

Your values, vision, goals, beliefs, motivations, and purpose are the essences of your Inner Self, which in turn becomes your Center-of-Gravity for your physical and intellectual self.


3D Axis - A Center for Your Better Self

30 Days to construct your personalized 3D Axis. Your Axis is a simple yet powerful fixed point of reference during turmoil or confusion. You will identify and develop your beliefs, values, and motivations, providing you with a HEROiC center of self. This is a course in the School of Essential Symmetry.

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Enhance Point of View Skills

45 Days of one-on-one independent study with the instructor. The three virtual sessions begin with developing the distinctions of different views of the same scenes. Students will learn how to use stakeholder analysis to improve communications. You will identify and develop your awareness of affirmation bias.  This is a course in the School of Essential Symmetry.

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Physical Self

Self-care for the leader-on-the-go.

Courses to be released Q3 2021