Enhance Social Balance With 3D Axis

A Center for Your Better Self

3-D Axis - A Center for Your Better Self

A self-paced independent study in which participants develop their personalized 3D Axis. Your Axis leads to identifying, clarifying, and framing your beliefs, values, and motivations. Your Axis gives voice to your foundational center-of-self, which in turn, gives you a head start in regaining your equilibrium of presence when conditions are unsteady.
The 30-day program begins with an introductory call, then 60-minutes of self-paced prework leading to the initial Zoom session, follow up email assignments which allows you to pre-fill your 3D Axis before the final Zoom session.
All sessions are private and confidential to provide the participant with a safe place to sift and prioritize beliefs and values.

Platforms Designed Around You

This program is one of our Courses.  In pursuit of a bigger goal, our courses are a part of a path of study.  Joining experts who break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks and utilizing revolutionary virtual engagement platforms, our courses are designed to stoke curiosity and sharing amongst cohorts.

In addition to Courses, we offer other types of learning environments.

HEROiC Forums: Professionally facilitated large-scale discussions with renowned thought-leaders on challenging topics.  Extensive use of breakouts, exercises, and cohort learning create a far more dynamic experience than typical lectures.

HEROiC Exchanges: A focused, virtual, discussion with subject matter experts, breakouts, and tangible takeaways designed around one concept for you to implement today.