Nutritional Wellness (Coming in 2021)

  • The Andrew Young School of Aquaponics offers courses, seminars, and training on building a successful aquaponics farm business. (Programs in development)
  • CREATiON’s Wellness Kitchen -- offers programs in food & beverage hospitality that feed our bodies, our minds, and our planet. Because just like the food it contains, the CREATiON Wellness Kitchen doesn’t merely feed – it nourishes. (Programs in development)

Hospitality Wellness (Coming in 2021)

  • Within hospitality, wellness and healthy living trends are on the rise among two types of travelers: those who travel specifically for wellness and those who simply want to remain healthy while on the road. Courses offered through CREATiON’s Wellness Hospitality provides training for those who have chosen a career in hosting guests through attention to every luxurious detail to create memorable customer experiences. (Programs in development)

Two formats to fit your schedule

Virtual HEROiC Exchanges


Engage online with subject matter experts and peers in a real-time learning experience.



In-person at Jordan's Ridge campus, with facilities that exceed CDC guidelines for spacing and cleanliness, within 25 minutes of Atlanta's International Airport.