Performance reviews have become an HR ritual that no one really enjoys but is necessary to keep personal files current. They are often used to determine the amount of one’s bonus or income raise. Performance reviews don’t have to be tolerated. A review can be something you look forward to or initiate. Use your review as a way to seek more feedback rather than less.

A good performance review aims to give feedback in the service of crafting a development plan, which becomes the first subject of discussion in the next performance review.

I ask three questions beginning with C S S.

Here is a short review that I use personally and with clients.

Continue? Start? Stop?

What’s working? What should I CONTINUE? [my green light]

What’s missing? What should I START doing? [my yellow light, proceed with caution]

What should I STOP doing? [My red light. Maybe the most challenging and beneficial].

ACTION STEP: For 90 days find your ONE Stop, focus on your SEVERAL Continues which got you here, and Explore ONE Start that might take you to your next level.